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Have the Sunday to yourself. Take it easy. Invest in your body and mind, stretch your body with Yoga practice, reset your mind and heal your body with Meditation.

Yoga is a non-discriminative form of exercise and does not care about your age, body type, gender or ability level. Through regular yoga practice, you will learn to focus your mind, manage your stress levels, leading to a stronger healthier body and overall feeling of well-being. 

Meditation is not difficult to learn. Meditation is a skill. You need to practice. In time, people develop the ability to produce these meditative, very relaxed states very quickly. When they meditate several times during the day, they become more relaxed during the entire day. The mind, heart, and body can improve with regular meditation. The relaxation response from meditation helps decrease metabolism, lowers blood pressure, and improves heart rate, breathing, and brain waves.

Pranayama is the perfect breathing exercise. ‘Prana‘ means ‘Breath‘ and ‘Ayama‘ means ‘Control‘. In Pranayama we learn to control our breath by regularly practicing. It plays a very important role in our life to keep healthy as it supplies more oxygen to the body. Those practicing regularly, feel very energetic throughout the day.

Everyone can enjoy the Benefits of Pranayama. Those are above the age of 10 can practice. Old people or weak people should not practice pranayama too much. Pranayama is a complete breathing exercise which relieves stress, depression, and hypertension. This is very important for safe delivery. Pregnant women should not practice a few pranayamas. 


Book your class. Please arrive 15 minutes early if possible to get your place, change and have a cup of tea.



1:15 pm - Venue is open. 

1:30 pm - 2:45 pm - Ashtanga with James Doyle (Adults and kids 6+)

2:45 pm - Tea Break
3:00 pm - 4:00 pm - Meditation/Pranayama (Breathing Exercise) with James Doyle (Adults and kids 10+)

The Gallery / Stoke Newington / Edward Lane - N16 0JL 
Next to Stoke Newington Library / 182 Church Street

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